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Seasonal Packaging For Brand Equity

With holidays just around the corner, everyone is bracing for hustle and bustle related to the purchase of gifts and candies. It also means most brands switching to a holiday-themed packaging design for nearly all of their products. That is because seasonal packaging aims to connect consumers with the feelings associated with the holidays. A right design holiday-themed product packaging is your most powerful branding tool during the winter holidays.

One of the most significant problems the businesses come across during the winter holidays is their overall brand identity getting lost in holiday-themed designs. Many brands do not pay much attention to the placement of the company logo and other design patterns to emphasize their brand. It can result in a more forgettable packaging design.

That said, it may be one of the most challenging tasks to ensure visual brand equity through seasonal packaging. With the right strategy, you can develop a packaging design that makes your brand pop out from a seasonal design. Some brands have been able to maintain the essence of their brand identity during the winter holidays.

While seasonal packaging can help you boost sales, it can weaken your brand over time by making it look similar to any other average businesses out there. In this article, we will discuss some strategies to build and maintain brand equity through seasonal packaging.

  • You first need to identify consistent elements that are integral to your brand. These elements may include the brand color palette, images, graphic design, logos, and icons. While you may feel it more necessary to use colors of the season, make sure to incorporate the crucial brand elements into your overall package design. You can add a few seasonal design elements instead of using an entire holiday theme. Just make sure that the placement of those elements is right.
  • Analyze different design elements of your package design. See if you can manipulate some of those elements to make them more palatable for the seasonal holidays. For this purpose, you may have to see how much of the iconography in your packaging design can be manipulated. While manipulating those icons, you have to make sure that those icons do not lose their identity when they conform to the holiday theme.
  • You can also consider changing the structural design of retail displays to bring a touch of the seasonal holidays. The best thing about structural designing is that it tends to change the perception of every product kept in the display. The best way to do it is to add holiday-themed elements to cardboard boxes and counter displays of your brand in a retail store. This approach may even allow you to keep the design of product packaging unchanged.

Make sure to choose a few brand elements and stick to them regardless of the part of the year. It means that you may have to think a bit strategically to choose such design elements. If you need help with the packaging design in this regard, you may want to consult with a packaging supplier or consultant.

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