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Are you Moving again?

This time of year is not normal when people move. But with this year in full swing the holidays are still a massive time for people to get in on the housing boom.  Before the market crashes and while interest rates are still rocking people are changing locations. When you move, you’re reminded of just how much stuff you really have in your house. Old pictures turn up that you haven’t seen in years. You’re ecstatic to find your favorite shirt from college (even though you’ll never wear it again anyway). Morsels of food are still sitting behind your couch. A paperback book you used to love is bent at the spine. 

All the work that is involved and the mental and physical comes into play.  It’s a lot to take in, pack up, and move out. When it comes to your stowed away holiday decorations, things are no different. However, toting your outdated or tattered decorations over to the new house seems a bit much. You decide to cut down on your holiday decor and throw half of it out, just like your old clothes and other pieces of furniture. By sizing down, you make the move a heck of a lot easier and your new place a lot more simplified and clean. I learned to get rid of half of our items on every move we ever made and it has changed the way we live and also allowed us to move more simply.

So are you going to get rid of Christmas too?  I would probably keep those items, but what about the decorations you decided to keep? You’re out of containers to store them in since you ransacked your house for whatever boxes you could find for your other stuff. What do you put the decor in?  Cheap moving boxes is your answer. Whether you decide to put your ornaments in dish boxes, your holiday signs in picture frame boxes, or even shove your mini trees in lamp boxes, having some extra cardboard boxes for cheap is worth it. The boxes are easy to assemble, strong and sturdy when you need them to be, and easy to break down when you need to store them away in small spaces.

I think it is wise to reuse what you have and not to simply throw things away that are not completely finished. Not only will these cheap moving boxes serve you well in making the move to the new place but they’ll also be perfect for keeping everything in storage until the holidays actually roll around. Since you were lacking in boxes in the first place, you’ll be able to replenish your stock of storage boxes and repurpose the other ones for more storage.

It is always nice to be prepared.  No matter what, having extra boxes when you’re in the process of moving is a godsend. There are always those few items that are loose in your trailer because you didn’t have enough containers for them. Having the few extra boxes you were missing will ensure your items make it safe and intact to your new home. Spend a few bucks getting some new cardboard now and you’ll thank yourself down the road for having done it earlier.  So be wise, move safe, and have a fantastic holiday. 


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