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What to do with all the buildup of online ordering

Ecommerce has taken to an all time high in this year.  It has moved into one of the biggest shopping changes in economic history.  In this year, cardboard boxes are being used at the highest rate in history. This all seems to truly makes sense considering the Authoritarian state brought on by the Pandemic. Individuals across the world are now staying in more than ever due to the pandemic.  It has created a change in economies and many people are now ordering more packages from home than ever before.  Cardboard boxes are being stored now due to the inability to get rid of them. 

The times are changing and it is not all good.  Many homes are now riddled with what will likely become cheap moving boxes in the future.  So what can be done about all of this excess cardboard?  Not everyone needs lots of cheap moving boxes because not everyone is going to be moving any time soon.  So let us go over some of the facts about how much cardboard is really being used and what we may be able to do about it. I think that we should be wise in how we deal with it and even try to find new ways to use it.

The old amounts that were used are now skyrocketing even higher.  This is because the need for shipping has nearly doubled.  The abundance of Cardboard can be realized when it is understood that around 80% of all products sold in the United States and the European Union are stacked and packed in cardboard. When you come to imagine how much commerce is done between these two nations and all the products that are made on a yearly basis the number and thought it is astounding.  It’s is a sheer unquantifiable number.  Alas, it is not and it’s actually around 400 billion square feet of cardboard.  That number is hard to quantify. This amount is only for the Two-Nation States. It would be hard to imagine the amount of the entire world used. 

We all know that we are using too much and Britain did a study which it believed that 83 boxes per person were used every year.  This was before the pandemic and I would imagine those numbers have more than doubled due to the need for extra shipping. This amounts to roughly 41% of all solid waste to be made from paper or cardboard.  That amount of waste is staggering. Not shocking though considering that the average family uses 13,000 separate pieces of cardboard per year and throws them all away.  This leads to massive amounts of waste all created from cardboard 

Now that is not all bad and some of this can be recycled if we do it right.  So what can be done with all this solid waste?  Recycling just one tonne of cardboard can save up to 46 gallons of oil which would be used to create it.  Now if every citizen recycled their waste then the amount of cardboard that would not be wasted in creating more would be astronomical on the power savings.  So we all need to recycle if we can and if the world will not stop using cardboard we can at least produce much less of it.  It is not that hard and you can even get paid for it because you are being good for the environment and saving companies money by doing it. 


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