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How to Use Packaging Inserts to Bring Brand Loyalty to Your Customers 

Packaging inserts are little items that are thrown into your shipments before you send them off. They’re a good way to improve your shipping along with fulfillment, and they usually offer a goodwill sort of gesture to customers. 

They don’t have to pay more, but instead brands can use this to let others know about the promotions and campaigns that they have, and the added value. 

It’s cost-effective and a good gesture, and here, we’ll discus how to effectively use them. 

Why Use Them 

Every shipment will either meet, fall short, or exceed the expectations of customers. There are many ways for things to go bad, but with little inserts, it can soften the blow, and help minimally meet, possibly exceed the expectations. 

Some of the reasons to use them include: 

  • They’re low cost with a high return
  • They can be very targeted for a certain demographic of people, and you can tailor it so that customers can receive it 
  • The package is already shipped, so might as well make the most out of a package 
  • They’re good for cross-selling items, adding more targeted chances 
  • They offer brand loyalty, so customers will feel special 

You just throw these freebies directly into the box when an order gets shipped. They’re great for doing the work. 

Now, let’s talk about the best packaging inserts to use. 

Discount offers 

This is the cheapest, and best type of offer to put in packaging, since they are straightforward, and people can use these. 

While you can always email them, putting them directly in a box will help customers get this. 

Plus, people are more likely to use this if they have something tangible. This is a good way to retain customers too, since customers can always use coupons like this, and they’re good options as well if you want to utilize something like this. 

You can offer a variety of different kinds of offers too, so you can mix these up for customers who buy from you multiple times. 

Product Samples 

These are another great way to add value, since this will help cross-sell to these customers to get them to try other products. 

You can add tiny little free samples that vendors like to use in order to truly get the most out of this, and they also are good since they can give it to others, increasing word of mouth with your friends and your family. 

Little Gifts 

Like free samples, these are a good way to make customers excited since this can make them feel like you’re not just selling the items to them. 

They are good because they don’t have to be huge gifts, but rather something small and simple. They’re also not expected, so it’ll be a pleasant surprise for most people. 

You definitely want to include some free samples and gifts inside your stuff and adding a little than-you note there is a good way to get customers happy with this. 

Remember that with tiny little gifts like that, you definitely will want to make sure that you get something that’ll add value to the person who is receiving it, and as well, you want to create a brand experience that truly excites the customer, making them happy to buy from you. 

Look into different kinds of product inserts, and from there, you’ll be able to build brand awareness, but also make sure that customers are happy, and it can make customers excited to purchase more from your business as well too. 


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