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Inexpensive Ways to Make Packages Shine 

You have a new order, and you’ve been doing a lot with it. You ship it perfectly, and they are happy wit how fast it ships. 

But what about the unboxing aspects of this. 

Unboxing is a new genre, and it’s one that can make or break a brand, since usually, they showcase everything that’s there, and get people excited to buy from the company as well. 

However, if your packaging doesn’t really stand out, this can make the customer’s attention leave, and they won’t talk about it. 

Packaging matters immensely, and people do perceive brands by making sure that they have something new to bring to the table. 

But the thing is, branded packaging can eat away at a budget, you may not have the funds for something expensive. 

Whatever do you do then? 

Read on to find out five very inexpensive ways to really make your packaging stand out. 

Use Inserts 

Inserts are simple, and you can add a simple business card, or a free coupon and whatnot. They’re cheap, throw them in there, and then boom, you start to get people interested. 

You can make handwritten notes too thanking the person for the product that they have bought from you. 

This gesture may not seem like much, but it’s a way for your packaging to stand out. 

Printed Mailers and boxes 

You may feel a little guilty spending the extra money on custom packaging, but it does make your product stand out.

People don’t remember a boring old box, but they do remember when they get something with a brand’s label on it. 

If you’re not sure if you can justify the costs of a box like that, then what do you do? 

The simple answer: custom stamps! They are simple, you toss them on there, and you can add your brand logo and such. It does take time, but this is a good one if you’re looking to make the packaging truly different. 

Don’t be Afraid to Use color 

Color is another simple type of change to make your packaging stand out. 

You can print a box and have the inside a color, such as maybe the brand color. You can do the outside too. 

If you really want to make this totally personal, try to add a colored ribbon and such too, or maybe some colored tissue paper. 

Remember the possibilities of this are pretty relentless with the types of options you can choose. 

Different Materials 

Different materials, such as wallpaper, aluminum foil for the inside, butcher paper, or eve tissue paper and such can definitely help you stand out.

But remember not to make this too expensive. While you may want to do a lot of expensive inserts and such but remember that does eat into your budget. 

A little hint of the inexpensive material does go a long way, and sometimes, something a little different works wonders. 


Stickers are really good for your boxes too. 

This type of packaging idea is simple. 

A branded sticker in some area, particularly covering the box, is a good way to do this one. 

People will see the sticker, see how different it is, and how it works for the product.

But do remember that with this that you are first and foremost, don’t want to be too crazy with tis. 

The second thing is use them in a way that enhances the experience. Don’t make it in a location that’s cumbersome as well. 

You finally want to try to use these with a durable package for best results as well. 


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